Sneak Peek Project Reveal | Sheyenne River House

As designers, we wear many hats- but it’s safe to say that the journey of new construction is one of my favorites. The end goal is to make the process for the client more simplified. We tackle this by breaking down the selection meetings & being in constant communication every step of the way.

The Sheyenne River home has been a project near and dear to our hearts over the past few months. I am so excited to share with you all some of the amazing spaces that have come together in collaboration with the home owners. We are still working on finalizing some of the details such as furniture, hardware & mirrors but I wanted to share the progress we’ve been making.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Sheyenne River Sneak Peek

The kitchen in the Sheyenne River home is so bright and beautiful. This feel comes from the all white finishes, but also the natural lighting that filters into the space from every angle. To add a bit of warmth, the homeowner selected the most beautiful oak hardwoods which compliment the natural barstools perfectly! To add a bit of contrast, we added black fixtures paired with polished nickel hardware which creates a fresh but timeless feel. Who noticed the cutest little arched doorway? This leads into the expansive pantry and pocket office, which we will share more of soon.

With a fully open layout, the kitchen wall mirrors the adjacent great room wall. We got creative with the great room fireplace wall and spent lots of time discussing the detail that would go into the design. The grey washed brick-tile surround compliments the classic but updated feel of the entire home.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Sheyenne River House Sneak Peek

Check back soon for more details of this beautiful home we were so fortunate to be apart of.

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Travel Guide | Must Have Items

Lindsey Grace Interiors Travel Must Haves.png

My husband and I recently returned from our honeymoon in beautiful Saint Lucia. If you’re planning your honeymoon or just a winter get away from these frigid temperatures, I highly recommend the island as a vacation destination. We started our trip on the north end of the island, near the city of Castries and stayed at the beautiful Cap Maison Resort. At the very end of our trip, we spent two evenings at Ladera Resort which was one of the most unique and amazing experiences of our lives.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Travel Must Have Items

When packing for vacation I always want to prepared, organized, and of course stylish. It’s no mistake that these CALPAK packing cubes are number one on the list. I purchased a set for not only myself, but also my husband. We both found them so helpful while packing before we left home, but also keeping our belongings organized and compact when traveling from one resort to another.

When navigating the airport and traveling abroad you always have to have your passport handy. This passport holder is my favorite. Another go to for navigating the airport and travel itself, is always having my ear buds and phone handy. I love this tech organizer because it keeps me from digging around my purse to find those essential items.

Whether it’s sleeping on the plane, or in our experience the middle of the rain forest (Ladera Resort only has 3 walls so you are fully exposed to an amazing view, but also the elements!) this eye mask from SLIP is amazing.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Travel Must Haves

I’m all about investing in good luggage if you’re going to travel. This spinner suitcase is not only super stylish, but holds so much. We can’t forget about the make-up and beauty products. I love the mirror on this make up bag (hello airplane touch-up’s!) as well as the compartments it offers. Last but not least, this item has been my travel go-to for years. I love my Longchamp tote. It holds so much, and is extremely durable. If I’m not bringing it as my handbag for the plane, I pack it away (it folds up so small!) and it use it as my beach bag. Also, how fun are the colors it comes in?

You can shop our travel must haves by clicking on the links! What are some of your go-to’s and top travel destinations? Share in the comments, as always, we love hearing from you.

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Project Reveal | Rivers Bend Master Bedroom

Lindsey Grace Interiors Riversbend Master

What’s better than starting the year off with a space designed specifically for you? It’s hard for me to choose just one space to be the most important in any home, but I would have to say that our bedrooms are at the top of my list. It’s where we start and end each day- and some days the place we go to get away from all the happenings in-between.

When this client asked me to help pull together the last untouched space in their home, we reviewed inspiration images and discussed all their wishlist for the space. I knew it had to hold up to their busy family but also be bright, beautiful, and have a touch of feminine.

For the bed frame, we sourced a custom upholstered bed frame and head board in a clean white fabric. The fabric itself is an indoor/outdoor grade fabric, so it will hold up for family movie nights and be easy to maintain. On either side of the bed frame, we added a pop of color and texture with the bed side tables. The client had an existing leather bench that we utilized at the end of the bed, and to tie in the natural tones we added a natural woven accent chair.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Riversbend Master

To finish off the space we tied in brass accents in the lamps, artwork, and hardware. The custom draperies really add texture, color, and elegance. You can read even more about the Rivers Bend Master in the latest issue of Midwest Nest Magazine.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Riversbend master

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Lindsey Grace Interiors | Holiday Decorating Picks

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, and I’ve put together some of our top decorating picks for the holiday’s. These are all items I currently have in my own home and when I tackle holiday decorating I love items that easily transition my existing decor to a more festive feel. This throw pillow combination will easily take me through the holiday’s and even the winter months.

I love these mini wreaths with the berry accents, I hang them in front of our small picture windows and tie them with the pink ribbon for a fun accent. For the mantle, I use a simple unlit garland and classic knit stockings.

When it comes to the tree, my trick is lots of ornaments in light colors so they create contrast and really pop. One of the most sought after trends this year is a woven tree collar, I can’t wait for ours to arrive! I love the more casual feel it gives from a traditional tree skirt. I’m planning on pairing ours with a faux sheep skin rug to maximize the texture.

When it comes to shelf styling, I love these mini table top tree’s & metal bucket filled with birch branches. My big tip for holiday styling is not to be afraid to store away your existing decor so it doesn’t feel cluttered. It also maximizes the pieces you already own by making them feel fresh & new all year around!

Lindsey Grace Interiors Holiday Decorating.png

Wedding Details & Tips from a Newlywed!

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, I've taken a break from blogging. Honestly, we've been so busy! I can't wait to catch you up on everything we've been working on. Decorating projects being installed, new construction homes finally coming to fruition, and full-on basement finish remodels have been in the works.

Personally? I'm married! On June 16th, 2018 I married the man of my dreams & am officially Mrs. Christie. It was an awesome day. We were surrounded by all of our family & friends, gorgeous flowers, delicious food, and endless amounts of champagne. Jared and I headed off to our "mini-moon" for 3 nights on the north shore of Lake Superior. We had the most perfect weather, and I quickly realized it was the first time I had truly unplugged for any length of time since starting this endeavor 9 months before. It was exactly what the doctor had ordered. 

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the details of our special day with you all. We had the most amazing photographer, Uppercase L Photography, capture every detail. I had never realized how large of a role a GOOD photographer plays in the role of your wedding day. Who drives you to first look? That gal did. Amanda had never even been to North Dakota before, but we pulled off the perfect ‘sex & the city’ drive by- sans bouquet throw at Mr. Big- and made it to our first look without my soon-to-be husband even catching a glance.

My second but most important tip? Ask for help, and use it! There are so many small details you just can’t plan up until the last minute. Honestly? I forgot all about the ceremony programs. I quickly created them in photoshop, sent them to the printer, and only had one spelling error- but they did the job! This advice is especially important for the day of. I highly suggest ‘clocking out’ after your ceremony rehearsal, and quite literally putting the rest in gods hands. You’ve done the planning, at the end of the day- if you’re married to the love of your life- what more could you ask for? Cliché but true.

Have fun with your ceremony! We had the best music ever, thanks to the ever talented Abby Grimaldi. Our amazing pastor had also given us the advice to use those beautiful music breaks to stop and let it all soak in. It was truly one of my favorite parts of our day, to be just us- surrounded by all of our friends & family. We also wrote our own vows. I will truly cherish those words for the rest of our lives.

Lastly, don’t finalize the timeline with any vendors until the week or two before hand. I had booked certain vendors 6 months prior to the wedding date. Right before our invitations were printed, we had moved the ceremony up a half hour. It’s easy to forget to notify one or two vendors of the change, so when you book them- don’t give out an exact start time. Instead, ask them to call and confirm 2 weeks prior. Most vendors will call to confirm anyways, but if they don’t have any time written down- they will for sure check in!


Outdoor Styling

I am so excited to celebrate the warmer weather with the outdoor styling guide. Whether you use your space to entertain, or as your own private get away to relax with a good book- these are a few of the staples I love to make the most of your outdoor space .

Lindsey Grace Interiors Outdoor Styling.png

My favorite furniture types to use outdoors are both treated wicker or a durable metal frame. Although I love the natural look of teak, it will patina with the elements. It's always a good idea to store away cushions and cover your furniture frames when not in use. I absolutely love the clean lines of this sofa, and the whimsy feel of this accent chair

Flexible accent tables are great for adding function, but also color to your outdoor space. The rich blue of this garden stool makes the perfect pairing to this neutral coffee table.

Even outdoors the perfect accessories can truly make the space. I love using an outdoor rug to make the space feel cozy, along with accent pillows to tie everything together. I've linked the pillows I used in this design below. Last but not least, finding the perfect pot to add greenery to space, can be the perfect finishing touch.


I'd love to hear how you use your outdoor space, share in the comments below!


How To | Layered Bedding

Lindsey Grace Interiors Layered Bedding How To

Getting the perfect layered look with bedding is a quick and easy change you can make to freshen up the look of your bedroom in no time. That's why I've decided to break down the (not so basic) bedding basics- that you should use to make your bed look perfect put together.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Layered Bedding How To 2

Let's start with what you don't see. These are the items that really make or break a well put together (and cozy) bed. First step, using a feather bed directly on top your existing mattress creates the perfect fullness affect. If you don't like using a true feather bed, there are down alternatives or really cozy foam options. Combine that with the perfect duvet insert, and you have that "cloud" look and feel you've always dreamed of. Certain bed frames leave an exposed box spring, so be sure to consider that and purchase a coordinating cover if needed. 

The next step to creating the perfect layered bedding, is probably the one thing that people have the hardest time finding their favorite "go-to's"... sheets! I've linked my favorites below. Then, I love to add a gorgeous coverlet. You can keep it the same color as the duvet like we did here to create the gorgeous clean white look, or you can switch it up by adding texture and pattern. Placing the folded duvet cover at the end of the bed showcases the coverlet and creates a gorgeous and inviting look.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Layered Bedding.JPG

Along with a gorgeous throw like the one linked above, the perfect finishing touch is always good pillows. The size selected really depends on the size of your bed, but my general rule of thumb is always the more substantial the better they will look. When selecting pillow sizes, always consider creating that tiered affect- and don't be afraid to switch it up! Throw pillows can easily be moved around from different spaces in your home to create a whole new feel in each room. Don't forget your inserts!

Lindsey Grace Interiors Layered Bedding.JPG

The final step? Kick-back and relax, enjoy your new cozy bed.


Friday Favorites | Our Top Pinned Items This Week

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a busy couple weeks getting new construction plans finalized and selecting furniture for spring decorating installations. Although we started the week with a major snow storm in Fargo, it seems that the projects never slow down for very long. In true Midwestern fashion, we work through it all. With that said, I think I can speak for most- spring needs to hurry up! 

I love keeping you all up to date on the projects I've been working on, and one way to do that is sharing the inspiration I've been using to kick-start some of the most fun projects. It also allows me to share the love for other designers, a win-win. 

Starting each project from the ground up, I love digging into all the details with the team- from architects, to builders, to the home owners- team work truly makes the dream work. For one project, I fell in love with the idea of these warm wooden garage doors. They make the first impression of the home feel so warm, welcoming, and inviting. Just one of the many gorgeous images that inspire our projects. Enjoy this weeks top pinned items.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites | Our Top Pinned Items This Week

We have two weeks of Friday Favorites to catch up on this week. I am so excited to be meeting new clients, contractors and professionals in the Fargo community. Lindsey Grace Interiors has become a member of the Chamber of Commerce, which is such a wonderful and supportive community. I was able to attend the FMWF Women Connect through the Chamber last week, and I met so many amazing business women. We all had the honor of hearing Robyn Benincasa's story, it's safe to say she had the entire ball room inspired. 

Last week, I also had a content shoot with the lovely Sophie Grace Photo. All the original content on my blog and instagram is taken by Sophie, and she does such an amazing job! I can't wait to share with you all the exciting posts we have coming up in the next few months. 

I plan on starting a short blog series of 'random facts' that help clients get to know the crazy journey that has been my design career over the past several years. Although Lindsey Grace Interiors is new to the Fargo community, I am not new to the design industry. I've had experiences (and adventures) working in New York City, Minneapolis, and the Mid-West over the past several years, and I can't wait to share more with you all-stay tuned!

Now, to our Friday Favorites- the inspiring and gorgeous items I've been pinning this week.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites.jpg

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites.jpg

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites.jpg

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Style Spotlight | Wallpaper

It's no secret that I love wallpaper, and I'm so excited when clients want to incorporate it into their spaces. Sometimes I get the question whether wallpaper is back in, and the answer is YES. It can be hard to commit, but when choosing the perfect wallpaper I always encourage clients to go with their first instinct. 

There are so many different installations of wallpaper, the possibilities are truly endless. To start, choose a space in your home that you'd like to make feel special- like a laundry room, mudroom or powder bathroom. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Wallpaper Top Picks.png

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One of the questions I'm often asked by perspective clients is how far I'm willing to travel outside of the Fargo community. The truth is, I love to travel- so there really is not many places I turn down. Whether it's beneficial for me to travel to the actually site depends solely on the scale of the project. This question also brings up the topic of E-Design, and whether it's the right fit for the job. So- what exactly is "E-Design"?

Lindsey Grace Interiors.png

Basically, E-Design allows you to invite a designer into your home- without actually having to even be in the same city, state or area. It's changed the game of interior design. It allows everyone to be able to benefit from the services offered by designers, no matter how big or small the budget.


Friday Favorites | Our Top Pinned Items This Week

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites_Nicole Davis Interiors:Alyssa Rosenheck.jpg

It's that time of year when most of us are only thinking about where we can escape on a spring break getaway. We're having an especially cold winter in North Dakota, and I know the Fargo home builders can't wait to break ground on their upcoming spring projects. I think this weeks pins are a sign that I'm ready to say goodbye to the cold too!

This week we received tons of new fabric samples from our gracious vendors, and you may have seen a few sneak peeks on my instastories for upcoming projects. I love the new spring collections that are coming out and I am so excited to use them. I also wrote a blog on one of my favorite materials to utilize when selecting material finishes for a home. If you missed the post on my favorite cement tiles (and the sources to find them!) you can read it here.

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites_Amber Interiors.jpg

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Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites_Park and Oak Deign
Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites.jpg

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Do you have an exciting home project you can't wait to start? Or is your mind mostly on spring travel? Share in the comments below! 

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Friday Favorites | Our Top Pinned Items This Week

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites 2

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It's been a busy week and we've been cramming inspiration in for upcoming projects. This week has also been filled with shoveling ourselves out of a winter storm, purchasing as many humidifiers as we can fit in our carts, and staying as cozy as possible inside by the fireplace. I always say January is when the Fargo winter becomes real, and my top pins actually turn to tropical vacation ideas. A girl can dream right?


| Source |

I saved this idea for the hood, as well as the cooking storage that they utilized above the range top. This design maximizes counter space while utilizing interesting design opportunities. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Top Pinned Items

| Source |

When I hold intro meetings with clients to discuss their new projects, these shower doors are often on their wishlists. I love them too. It's a great way to bring character into a new build, or maintain the charm of an existing remodel. Of course, I'm always a sucker for a good cement tile. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Friday Favorites 3

| Source |

Details. There was so much that went into this laundry room, and it payed off. I love the fresh subway tile that still looks classic but puts a twist on the 3x6 size we typically see. I'd love doing laundry if I had a space this pretty. 

Aside from navigating the North Dakota winter, I also posted a blog on staying organized with pretty accessories for the new year. If you missed it, check it out here. Happy Friday everyone!


Best of 2017 | Dining Rooms

Lindsey Grace Interiors Favorite Dining Rooms 5.jpg

Does anybody else feel like the first week of this year is flying by? We've been anxiously awaiting this weekend because we're expecting above zero temperatures for a few hours on Saturday! Maybe this cold weather is what inspires my love for coastal design?! Today's post actually isn't about the North Dakota weather, it's about my favorite dining rooms of 2017. These are the spaces that have inspired the designs I've created the past year, are being used for inspiration for upcoming projects, or are just simply noteworthy. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Favorite Dining Rooms 1.jpg

| Source |

Dining rooms can be extremely versatile. While I always believe it's important to learn how clients live in their homes, the dining room is one we spend time discussing. The way each homeowner uses their dining room varies. Some love hosting and want their space to be able to seat as many guests as possible. Other's use theirs for casual family week night dinners and homework. Either way, I love creating a beautiful and functional dining room for each client.

| Source |

Lighting plays a huge role in the overall feel of each dining room. A beautiful chandelier can set the tone of the space, while adding wall sconces next to built in's can make the space feel truly intentional. For more casual spaces adding a sweet little table lamp can add depth and functional soft lighting. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Favorite Dining Rooms 3.jpg

| Source |

I love the millwork detail in each of these dining rooms. Adding details such as these in your entire home can add up quickly, so I love to encourage clients to focus on the rooms that can be true show stoppers, such as the living and dining spaces. 

Lindsey Grace Interiors Favorite Dining Rooms 4.jpg

| Source |

An open concept dining space that flows directly from the kitchen to the dining room can maximize space as well as create a more casual dining experience. I love this design by Andrew Howard, and if you're not following him on instagram I encourage you to do so. He not only executes the most detailed and gorgeous designs, his instastories are hilarious. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our last Best of 2017 series post. It has been so much fun starting the year with our favorite spaces, and if you've missed the line up the week check them out here.

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